Why It’s The Best Time to Be A Female Real Estate Agent Building A Team!


Why It’s The Best Time To Be A Female Real Estate Agent Building a Team…

Just as no two women are the same, neither are the empires they build. The journey a woman takes to building a successful empire is never done alone, but with a team of growth minded, transparent, and willing souls.

The empire builder will experience success if she is bold, transparent, and passionate. Her commitment to herself, her team and her dream will carry them through the challenges and ensure she claims the legacy that is hers.

There are more female entrepreneurs building real estate empires now than at any other time in history.

Understanding your unique values and the culture you desire to create within your empire is a key ingredient to finding and hiring the RIGHT people for your team!

Your mindset & willingness to grow into the leader you need to be to build your empire will determine how quickly you can grow and the ability you have to maintain that growth. You cannot do this alone… lock arms with mentors, broker-owners, coaches, and industry leaders to push yourself while keeping new ideas flowing into your business at all times

Recruit members for your team based on CULTURE 1st!! You can train skill… you cannot train personality, morals, or ethics.

NEVER stop sharpening your blade… you must have a learning & growth oriented mindset!

Consistently look at your business strategically and implement systems, policies, and procedures wherever there are opportunities… this practice will allow you to grow faster and look for efficiency, while teaching your team that your  standard is to be as effective as possible.

Give feedback consistently!

Telling them thank you isn’t feedback and it isn’t enough. It’s imperative that you work really hard to watch and make note of opportunities they have to learn and places where they are excelling. For example, if someone is succeeding because they are paying attention to processes and asking great questions it means they are thinking critically and it’s one of the most important skills we can have in an employee in our business. It means they are not afraid of failing and or being told “no” “you’re wrong” or… “why would you do it that way”.

It’s important that you point that out to them… that you noticed they are paying attention to processes and asking great questions!  They may not be able to repeat that behavior over and over again in other situations if they don’t know what they did in the first place. You must point out the things you notice… it’s the only way they are going to get better and better!

The same is true for the things they need to work on. They need to hear it from you… you don’t have to be a jerk about it, but you cannot glaze over it and expect that in a few weeks or months it will get better… that’s just not how it works. They need to have real feedback in real time! They will shift, they won’t be butt hurt, and you will see them make the changes right away! That’s a recipe for longterm success and great leadership! #femalerealestateagentsbuildingateam #evolvewithemily #passion #purpose

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