Empowerment & Authenticity

Empowerment and Authenticity: Loud & Proud

As a leader I wasn’t always authentic and I wasn’t always empowered. I was hiding from who I was and where I had come from. I was trying to be someone I wasn’t. I can remember a time when I would walk into work and not make eye contact with my employees. Not everyday but somedays and it had nothing to do with them.

I didn’t dislike them, and I didn’t intentionally mean to be what they presumed as “bitchy” on occasion.. I just wasn’t sure who I was or how a leader would BE with their people. I hadn’t done any work on myself at this point, read any books on leadership, or have any idea that it was ok to be me.

Do you know who you are? I Didn’t

However I didn’t really know who ME was and looking back it showed. This spilled over into my personal life too. I wasn’t a leader in love, life, or business. I was hiding. I was hiding inside of 100lbs of fat, insecurity, know it all attitude, and an insatiable need to be right.

I can look back knowing that all of the stuff that I was hiding beneath wasn’t intentional. I didn’t mean to railroad people or interrupt them constantly. I was just asleep. I needed to accept myself as I was and begin to investigate what had helped shape me. I clearly had drive, but I was a victim, I had passion but no purpose. Creating an awareness around these things helped me to notice who I was and who I wanted to become.

I started to create the woman I am today.

I was able to stop the behavior that was causing the pain and start with a mindset that would shape the woman I am today. Today I embrace my vulnerability. Today I embrace my attitude and personality… even when it happens to be a little shitty. Today I work hard to stop the voices that ran the show for so long… I am more present than I have ever been, I have more on my plate than I have ever had, and I am ROCKING THAT SHIT!

What does it mean to be empowered? What does it mean to be loud and proud? How can you apply these things to your real estate business right now? As you grow your team the more you work on yourself the more you will attract and retain the people who will love you… AND want to walk over hot coals to the end of the earth and back when you ask them… that is the definition of loyalty. We all want loyal employees, and we have to invest in them in a meaningful way. People are like emotional bank accounts… you cannot make a withdrawal if you have not made enough deposits!
You are no exception to that… you have to be the example. Invest in yourself. Treat yourself with respect. Empower yourself to create the woman and the business that is sooo important to you to create! Start Today!
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