How limited belief systems and old patterns keep you stuck.

This week’s perspective comes from my past. As many of you know there was a time when I live a great deal of my life as a victim. I wanted the people around me to change so I could feel better about who I was. I found myself saying things like…
“I need you to stop doing that (whatever that might have been) to me!” I wanted the people around me to change. I wanted them to be different. I was not comfortable with the way they were treating me and handling me. I wanted them to be “nice” and “kind” to me so I didn’t have to be uncomfortable… So the question would come out like this…
“How do I get them to stop treating me so badly?”
This is a great question/perspective to start doing some expansion around. This is one I hear from a lot of people in my community. When you need others to be different to make you feel better, or more comfortable… you are giving up all your personal power to them, a situation, and a single point of view.
The truth is that you are in control of how you respond to people, situations, and scenarios. It is your limiting belief system that you subscribe to that tells you “they” have to change to feel better.

The behavior and belief system creates a lot of challenges in your life… doesn’t it? It certainly did in mine.

Let me tell you as long as you subscribe to that belief system you have given yourself a life sentence of pain and misery for as long as you decide to have that specific perspective. You are giving up all of your personal power to people and scenarios and they are now in charge of you and how you respond to things.
Wouldn’t you like to be in charge of having a good or a bad day… instead of giving that up to the people around you? Wouldn’t it be great if you were in charge of how caught up you got in “their” perspective? The good and bad news is that you are… it’s just that you might not have realized it up to this point.
Let me give you an example. I was traveling one time and I parked my car in a place where it ended up getting towed. I did not do this on purpose of course… I had no idea that would happen. However, the way I responded to my car getting towed was with a freak out session about how much it sucked and how much money it was going to cost me… all kinds of whining and complaining. The person with me simply said… “Does all of that help solve your problem?” 
It stopped me dead in my tracks… I realized that I was responding with old patterns and programming that was handed down to me from my family. That was how my mother responded to “bad” things happening to her. I recognized in that moment that there was more than one way to respond to a situation. I didn’t have to plug into the upset and I could handle the emotions I had around it very differently.
So let this give you some new perspective and look at how you are responding and reacting to things… you might just decide that you can respond to things with a gentle, calm, and more appropriate manner. It feels wonderful to be in charge of that! NO MORE EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER!
Love you all so much!
Cheers to being the best version of you that you can be!
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