Where does your motivation come from? 

This week’s perspective comes from Michelle in Michigan. Michelle asked….
“I feel tired and beat down. In my business, my life, my relationships… everything. How do I find the motivation to keep going? Where can I find the motivation to do the things that I really really really don’t want to do?” ​​​​​​​

This is a great question/perspective to start digging into and Michelle you are not alone my dear. This is a question I hear from a lot of people in my community. Life throws us all kinds of crazy curve balls and especially as a business owner or someone who is leading others it often feels lonely… like you’re on an island all by yourself.
The truth is that this struggle is happening in our mind… your body might be physically tired, but the exhaustion comes from the dance that happens inside of our thoughts and beliefs.
The behavior or lack there of is directly attached to the belief system and creates feelings of lack… hence no motivation to move forward. There are three things that will support you if this is something you are up against.
  1. Acceptance. Don’t resist being or feeling tired. This might be your body’s way of telling you that you need to recharge. There are times when I have clearly been rowing up stream and didn’t even realize it until my arms literally could not paddle anymore. I had to stop resisting… throw the oars out of the boat and allow myself to go with the flow of my life instead of trying to control every damn thing! And it’s ok to rest. I have to be reminded on a consistent basis that “PACE” is important and that it is necessary to rest.
  2. Honesty.  Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if what you are “overwhelmed” by is really that overwhelming or if you are making it up that it has to be that way. So many times in my life the things that were “burning me out” were things I did have control over. For example, I was saying yes to things out of guilt, shame, or obligation rather than just trusting myself and saying no and not worrying about what everyone would think of me.
  3. End Goal.  Evaluate what the purpose or destination point for you and your business looks like. When I revisit my goals and my purpose I am often reminded where I am headed and how I can get back on track if I am in fact off course. I get clear about where I need to invest my time and energy and focus on the things that will support moving toward that end goal or destination. If you don’t know where you are going things will be very fuzzy along the way and it will be easy to get overwhelmed and stay stuck.

When I am feeling a lack of motivation it is generally because of one of these three things… I am resisting… I am not being honest with myself… or I am unclear as to where I am headed. Fix these things… and you should feel your motivation and drive start to recover and improve. If you need help with these things let’s hop on a call and drill them out. Here is a link to my online scheduler. Book a call with me by clicking this link. Book a call with Emily




Love you all so much!

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