Q: Who is team building or business coaching for?

A: Team building and Business Coaching helps in many different areas of your life and business. Whether you want to put systems in place and grow your bottom line or start hiring your team… maybe you are struggling personally… you want to get out of a relationship, find more peace and satisfaction in your life, lose weight, or you want accountability to help you conquer some of those Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

Q: How do I keep up with all of my current clients, kids, family and juggle all the balls while training someone?

A: You’ve got to FOCUS babe! Stop PINGING around. I am going to teach you how to focus like you have never focused before! You’re going to get more shit done than you have ever gotten done in the history of your business!

Q: How do I afford to hire someone when I don’t have the funds?

A: You don’t have to have a big budget to get started with hiring. There are lots of options when it comes to starting the hiring process. The biggest piece is hiring out tasks that you SHOULDN’T be spending time on! If you are doing a $10/hr task that is NOT a good use of your TIME or MONEY

Q: What is the difference between hiring in house or hiring a VA (virtual assistant)?

A: Each business and situation is unique. VA’s are great and sometimes they are a great bandaid for what it is that you are up against. They can sometimes help you get through a tough stage in your biz… or over the hump. You still have to make sure you are hiring the RIGHT VA… they can be the wrong fit for many reasons. The biggest issue is that most times VA’s are not the big picture solution because they are only a small part of a larger system. Eventually you will want to bring it in house and have total control.

Q: How long will it take before my team starts to produce results and I can see a return on my investment?

A: Your business and your situation is unique to you. I have seen agents get a 10xROI inside of a few months and I have seen it take over a year depending on the different kinds of hires you are making and how much training needs to be invested in the role. There are many elements that factor into ROI. Where are you right now? Do you track your numbers? Do you have a pulse on what you currently do? Where are you spending your time? Each position will have its own ROI, a sales role like a Buyers Agent will be different than an administrative role and a listing agent will be different than a buyers agent. What are your specific market conditions? Are you hiring a new person or a seasoned agent? How long did it take you to see a return on your investment when you got into the business? These are all things we will track but it is next to impossible to answer this question without additional information.

Q: How long will it take to find and hire my team?

A: I find that most of the time it is not that there aren’t AH-mazing people to hire… it’s that we aren’t looking for them. People that are a good fit for our company are all around us, but if we don’t know who to look for we will attract the wrong person. The process of finding and hiring someone can happen inside of the 10 week program, or sooner if you do the work. There are a lot of elements, and they all build on one another. How much time you can give to the program will depend greatly on how quickly you can move through the process.

Q: How is coaching different than counseling? 

A: Coaching with Emily is different in these ways:

  • There is a goal with coaching – A beginning – Middle – and End to the process
  • There is no judgement
  • I share my experiences with you so we are on the same level – We are in this together!
  • There are actions steps associated with coaching – You leave with TOOLS you can use in all areas of your life.
  • Coaching focuses on the Future not the past
  • Coaching provides accountability to get you to your goals

Q: How can you possibly help me? You’re younger than I am. I have more life and business experience than you do.

A: We are all so close to our own lives that I believe it is impossible to see things objectively or gain a new perspective that will encourage us to change in a big way. For this reason, I too have a coach. I am dedicated to changing myself for the better and that takes a lot of study, practice, and commitment. I read, try new exercises, and challenge myself constantly. If I am going to ask people to do the things that we do in coaching I need to be committed to do the same things for myself. I may be younger than you, and that might be just the perspective you need. We can talk through if I am the right coach for you in our initial interview. Book a call with Emily

And if you feel that you need a coach who is “older” than you chronologically there are plenty of them out there. However, here are a few questions to ask yourself first:

  • Is your physician younger than you?
  • How about your yoga instructor?
  • Attorney?
  • Nurse?
  • Hair dresser?
  • Accountant?

The list could go on and on… My point is that it does not always take “age” to be an expert in a particular field. I have had many experiences that add value to people of all ages, cultures, and ethnicities.

Q: Is there something “wrong” with me or my business if I have a coach?

A: Absolutely not! Coaching isn’t about having something “wrong” it’s about wanting something different and recognizing that you want a partner to help you get there. If you feel that there is something wrong with you if you have a coach, I would recommend evaluating “coaching” in all areas of life. Athletics, Music, Dance etc… Anytime we want to learn something new we need a “teacher” or coach to help us develop the new skill, point out things we can do to improve, and hold us accountable to what we want to achieve. Those teachers, or coaches can see things that we cannot see ourselves and they give us a perspective we cannot have on our own.  That might be INTELLIGENCE!

Q: What is coaching like? Why would I want to do it?

A: Your business and relationships are like a house. What would happen if you never updated or worked on it? Things break down with use and our relationships both personal and professional are no exception. We need to replace broken parts when things break down in order to keep them in good working “livable” condition.

Every coaching client has their own unique experience. There is no one size fits all mentality in my coaching practice. We set up each program to fit the needs of that client. We meet in person, via phone, Zoom, or whatever modality for communication we decide is best and begin to outline what you want to get from your sessions. You would want to do coaching because there are so many benefits. The Benefits you get from coaching are:

  • Double or Triple Your Production
  • Grow your team and business
  • Finding and creating Peace in life
  • Happiness
  • Purpose
  • Connection
  • Strength
  • Passion
  • Hope
  • Compassion
  • Less stress

Q: What are the different Coaching programs offered?

A: Each program is tailored to fit the needs of the client.

  • Me to We Team Transformation Click Here For More Info on Me To We
  • Online Self Study Coaching Programs
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Small group coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Retreat programs
  • Live Seminars

Q: How long does a person do coaching for?

A: As mentioned earlier coaching is different for each person, however I believe that it takes a commitment to make a change. You cannot develop your muscles in just one trip to the gym. True transformation happens consistently over a longer period of time. Coaching is similar to this. The program depends on what you want to change and how quickly you are wanting it to happen. There are different programs and packages that can assist you in this process and when you purchase them in a package you get a discounted rate.

Q: What will I learn in coaching? (There are many different programs… it will depend on what you are wanting to accomplish)

A: You will learn many things in coaching depending on your own personal and business goals. And here are a few that we work on including but not limited to:

  • Living authentically and with courage… feel the fear and DO IT ANY WAY!
  • What systems you currently have in place and
  • How to remove judgment of others and yourself.
  • How to accept yourself and others for who they are, rather than who you want them to be.
  • How to have open HONEST conversations with the people (personal and professional) in your life.
  • How to say NO to the things that do not serve you and YES to the things that do. Stop PINGING AROUND!
  • How to let go of guilt.
  • How to live free of restrictions.
  • How to set healthy boundaries with the people in your life.
  • How to think about your life and business a little differently.

Q: What do I need to have to get started?

A: The only things you need to begin a coaching program are:

  • The desire to improve and the willingness to apply what you learn.
  • An open mind to hear things that might be uncomfortable, realizing they could be life altering.
  • Book a call with me and let’s find out if my program is a good fit for you… Book a call with Emily

Cheers to building your team!