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Emily Petroff ~ Bio & Head Shot

Emily is a transformational leader focused on employee empowerment and challenging the traditional leadership hypotheses; Emily Petroff has spent 10+ years working in a variety of industries. Ms. Petroff, President of Evolve, has direct oversight operations which encompass speaking, training, & coaching both personal and professional relationships in and outside the real estate industry.

Emily’s focus on relationships, trust, and rapport in a highly “emotional” field has allowed her to utilize her strengths to implement rapid change, and improve relationship engagement in real estate businesses all over the country. Emily has shared her successes through numerous public speaking events both locally and nationally. With Coaching Certifications in Business, Personal, Life, and Relationships and Bachelor degree in Psychology, Emily has utilized her education and numerous years of leadership experience to develop management and mentorship programs.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner from the age of twenty she is no stranger to the trials and tribulations that leaders are up against. Growing up in an entrepreneurial home Emily knew from a very young age how to run a business. However, learning how to lead with integrity, heart, and energy is only part of the struggle she has conquered. Having her first son at the age of eighteen, back surgery, divorce, and weighing in at over 300 lbs. Emily has experienced isolation, depression, and victim mentality. However, despite the odds that said she wouldn’t or couldn’t she found the courage to look deep inside of herself and answer questions that most people will never even ask themselves let alone answer honestly. She believes this was the key to taking off in the direction that led her to leave her corporate job and follow her dreams.

Ms. Petroff’s experience and educational background include strategic decision making and planning, organizational communication, change management, employee and leadership development, teambuilding, and relationship conflict resolution. Raising three boys on her own part time she is no stranger to the pitfalls of life, relationships, parenting, and self-confidence. Her dedication to her own ongoing personal growth and development is a testament to her success and the success of her clients.

Expert Insights Publishing is proud to announce Emily Petroff is featured in the #1 International Best-Selling Book, Ready, Aim, Thrive! ~ Discover How to Flourish and Prosper TODAY From Top Experts, and she has been inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization.


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