How clients are Evolving with Emily!

My name is Tanya Ferber and I live in Billings, MT. I have held progressive leadership roles in the healthcare industry for the past 18 years. In addition to working full time, I am a wife of 12 years and a mother to two (2) amazing children ages ten (10) and eight (8). Outside of my professional career, I enjoy volunteering my time in my church’s liturgical ministry and hosting area homeless families through Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley.

I began my journey with Emily two (2) years ago when she worked with me as a business and leadership coach. I was very open to my initial meetings with Emily but in the back of my mind I thought I wonder what this woman can teach me that I don’t already know. I had a proven track record of success, a reasonable work-life balance, strong interpersonal skills, and a relatively high level of emotional intelligence. I quickly found that Emily inspired me to look deep within myself as there were still opportunities to challenge my weaknesses, build upon my strengths, and push me to the next level. Emily’s approach makes you take a really close look in the mirror, challenging you to be open and honest with yourself and those around you. If you are open to this process and put your trust and faith in Emily, amazing transformations will happen.

One of the things I appreciated about my time with Emily was finding ways to strengthen my character by helping to build up those around me. She challenged me to look for opportunities to praise them “giving them a good reputation to live up to” and to speak to them constructively but always “from the heart”. She also helped me discover that accountability does not always equate to punitive measures and that you can find positive or motivating ways to enhance accountability both personally and professionally in those that surround you.

Emily is a versatile coach that has helped me both personally and professionally. She listens, shares her personal challenges and experiences and always has new out of the box ideas for me to try. Emily will help you to be your best self, building confidence, and motivating you every step of the way. Emily’s passion for life is contagious and she is committed to the clients that she works with.

My name is Yvonne, I am from Butte Montana. I’ve been a phlebotomist for eight years. I was introduced to Emily through my place of business. She worked with my co workers and myself to give us the tools we needed to facilitate better comunication as individuals and as a team. I reached out  to Emily on my own recently after I lost a very important person in my life to cancer. Before Emily my co workers would have described me as abrupt, unapproachable  and hard to comunicate with. Emily has helped me see how other percieve me ans how to communicate with them effectively. On a personal level she has helped me help myself with  my grief. Emily does more than just listen.  She cathes your attention,  and gives you suggestions and tools to help you succeed. The people I work for and with have said that I am a completely different person to work with. My boss told me that I have made great strides and that i should be proud of myself.

My name is Cathy, I am the mother of 2 young adults, I am a
professional woman who married my college sweetheart nearly 30 years
ago, I have a nice home, and have been blessed with good health.  I have
always prided myself on being strong and capable and a master at
juggling and handling anything and everything that life or career sends
my way.

My job allowed me to develop, support, and motivate individuals but I
personally felt blah.  When I first met Emily I was unfulfilled and
lacked confidence and self-worth. I was in auto pilot and in some ways,
I was beginning to deteriorate as a leader and as a co-worker.  I knew I
was not as effective as I had normally been  I had ultimately stopped
allowing myself to feel or willingly allow anyone to see me feel as I
associated emotion weakness with emotion or inability to handle any
situation.  Emily is a coach who compassionately challenged me to find
myself, reacquaint with myself and who I am.

Through my work with Emily I was able to take my life off auto pilot.
What I achieved through Emily is self-awareness.  What I have
accomplished since working with Emily is gratefulness and

I’m so grateful for you!!! Through your support, encouragement, guidance, positivity… It’s all changing my life for the best! Have a wonderful day!!

“Working with you has helped give me new perspective on what was a “routine” job. I have learned that when you take a chance, think outside the box and put a plan of action together, great things can be accomplished!
  • Besides a few lessons learned….I am not completely sure this will make sense but, one if the biggest benefits to me was having you work to set-up a successful model that can be duplicated. Drives that had been performing poorly are now performing at above average and that goes back to learning that accountability is a two way street.
  • A model for success has been set and it allows me to set higher expectations for my team, knowing that results can be reproduced.” ~ Lesli

 “Emily helped me make time for myself to analyze what was important to me personally and professionally. I reconnected with my priorities, sorted out and sharpened the actions and relationships which were value added in my life and discarded and or reduced the amount of time and energy I spent on non important actions and relationships. I continue to focus my energy toward what’s important for my ideal of success to stay positive and fulfilled.” ~ Staci
“I learned to (1) embrace honest (sometimes difficult) conversations with employees, (2) that accountability does not have to equate with punitive and that there are creative ways to hold each other “able”, (3) the importance of praise and giving staff a good reputation to live up to, (4) the importance of work life balance.
  • The benefit that I received (and my employees indirectly) is that I became a more confident, effective leader, and have worked to create an environment of positive accountability which I believe has enhanced our organizational culture and staff engagement.  The honest conversations helped my subordinates to grow in their positions.” ~ Tanya

“The benefit I got from working with you was knowledge about outside sales and the sales process.  One of the most helpful things was your emails about teaching me to be a better salesperson. You were always very helpful in installing confidence even when you were being painfully honest! :)” ~Bill

“You have helped me to take a look at some things that I may have not thought about before. Also you have helped in directing me as to what I should move onto next in this journey, helping me to make a plan.You have helped me get closer to accomplishing my dream.” ~ Catherine

“Emily helped me to be a more empathic leader. She re-established in me the importance of showing gratitude and what I can learn by actively engaging when I listen to my staff.  The “homework” also brought about a point of reflection that I have never realized before. I appreciate al of her efforts!” ~William

“Using a life coach held me accountable to bring up those issues that held me back from living a contented life. Once you bring them up and deal with them, you can move on and enjoy life with confidence. It motivated me to work on myself everyday to be the person I want to be!!!” ~ Leslie

“I would say first of all that it was a tremendous help and really gave me the tools to handle a very difficult time. A few of the benefits was being able to take hard look at myself and then taking responsibility for my actions and communications instead of guessing and blaming others for their behaviors that were bothering me. I learned that it’s up to me to make the change necessary to move forward and accept that everything can’t be my way. I was able to have some very difficult conversations and the outcomes were awesome in terms of mending, and strengthening relationships that very dear to my heart. Another benefit and tool that I was able incorporate into every day is organizing and prioritizing tasks throughout the day. I have become much more productive and efficient in my work environment.  I know I could go on, but I have to get to task.  Thanks Emily for helping me through what has been so far the hardest time of my life.” ~ Corinna

“I believe that for me personally the biggest benefit was that I learned to look at people differently, and to accept that not everyone functions at the same level I do . In other words it helped me to work more easily and productively with others and to communicate more effectively.” ~ Antonia

“I believe the biggest benefit was getting that objective outside opinion.  So easy to become complacent in our daily process, sometimes we forget to look for new ways to address things, or even utilize ideas we hadn’t been using for awhile.” ~ Susan

“Accountability:  I enjoyed having the homework assignments, it made me accountable to the goals I was setting.  Much easier to see results, whether positive or negative and able to respond or change direction if needed.”~Sarah

“I learned the importance of setting goals and how to achieve them. And that anything is possible.” ~ Cassandra

“You were able to identify workplace problems through communication with our group. You then provided solutions to the most difficult situations we face as supervisors/managers. I have been able to apply the techniques that were taught in our class . I have become a better listener. I have a better understanding of communication styles to utilize on a day to day basis.” ~ Lori

“You are so real and tell it like it is. I appreciated your honest upfront approach in tackling difficult situations.” ~ Karen

“Emily really listened to my challenges and provided me with clear actionable steps to moving in the right direction.” ~Joe

“It helped me to take emotion out of decisions.” ~ Bryce

“I believe that you taught me that my time is valuable and I can stand up for myself and say no. I always felt like I couldn’t use my voice and you taught me how to use it. Also with the my time is valuable thing you taught me I should be paid accordingly to the work I do and I finally believe that I should. Oh, and you helped me think of different ways to speak to people or approach them. You showed me how I can produce the same amount or more money in less hours than I had been spending at work.” ~ Tedra